Updated December 2, 2016:

I am taking review books on an extremely limited basis (read: the excerpt or description needs to grab me immediately).  I work in a library, so I bring a TON of books home.  Reading because I HAVE to is hard, so a review book *really* needs to appeal to me. I’m actually backlogged right now, with a stack to read, some several months old.

Please note: I prefer fantasy, science fiction, biographies and memoirs, YA, children’s books, graphic novels, paranormal, historical fiction. I also love a good craft book (stamping, kids’ crafts, cross-stitching, drawing, painting, illustrating), gardening, life lessons or parenting books.  For fiction, I love stories centering on women, with elements of cooking, healing and/or magic.  Family life and relationships, stories that span generations and have rich and varied settings that I can sink into appeal to me greatly. (No bodice rippers, please) If it’s not on the list, please do not solicit me about it.

My favorite authors include, in no particular order:

Diana Gabaldon, Ken Follet, Philippa Gregory, Deborah Harkness, Alice Hoffman, Ann Aguirre, Anne Bishop (of Dark Jewels world fame), Nicholas Evans, Emily Cory Barker, JK Rowling, Kendare Blake, Alethea Kontis, Eoin Colfer, Tolkien, Charlaine Harris, Anne McCaffrey, Ursula LeGuin, Elizabeth Gilbert, Susan Monk Kidd, Therese Walsh, Barbara O’Neal, Juliet Marillier, Heather Webb and Lev Grossman (and that’s just looking over my bookshelf, I know I have forgotten some!).

If your book, or the book you are representing, fits into any of those categories or is similar to my favorite authors, then by all means, send an email to:  herself@lalanetwork.com (that’s LaLa Network).   You may also use the Contact form on this site.

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