Circle_profile_picI am Lara “LaLa” McKusky.  “LaLa” is a childhood nickname, given to me by my mother and my aunt.  When trying to come up with a name for my blog, lo these many years ago, it just fit.

I am a single mom with 3 children.  I work part-time in a church in downtown York, PA as an administrative assistant. I am also working on a novel (and have been for quite some time. sigh.) and my first art gallery show collection in paper art shadowboxes with a hefty list of collections I’d like to work on in the future.

Writing Credits: I have had a blog post linked to by NPR and just missed (bad bad timing) being interviewed for the accompanying podcast.  I have written for Technorati.com, Today’s Mama–York, PA the Parenting column, and Freshfiction.com. I was most recently a ghost blog writer for Ray Access where I wrote about all manner of things, from medical articles to a fitness newsletter article with a recipe to articles on real estate. I am a Writer’s Support Scholarship winner and graduate of  The Brainery: Online Speculative Fiction Writing + Resources, where I took a course in Short Fiction, workshop-style.  I am a scholarship winner and attendee of the Writer Unboxed’s Un-Conference, 2016 for writing fiction.

I am a Diana Gabaldon Fan Ambassador.WrittenInMyOwnHeartsBlood_FanBadgeRound  I was a book reviewer for several years and received books from St. Martin’s Press, Harper Collins, and Random House. I worked with a small PR firm called PR by the Book to review all sorts of indie books.  My bookshelf runneth over (still, several years later!). I am no longer reviewing as I turn to concentrate on my kids and my personal passion projects.

Finally, I have an associate’s degree from Methodist University {formerly Methodist College} in General Studies, where I participated in their  first ever Honors Seminar, where we focused on exploring Greek and Roman writings.  I earned a dual BA in Elementary Education and Liberal Studies frprbythebookom Notre Dame of MD University {formerly College of Notre Dame of MD}, graduating magna cum laude and having been inducted into two honors societies.  Additionally, I have 40 credits in an accelerated program through the Art Institute of Pittsburgh–Online Division towards a degree in   Graphic Design.

I have worked with children in all capacities {pick one: babysitter, camp counselor, nanny, private tutor, child care group leader, Sunday School teacher, student teacher, substitute teacher, etc.} in addition to having my ed degree, so I have fairly strong opinions about raising children, as a result.  I’d apologize, but I’m not really sorry.

What do I do when I’m not taking care of my kids, working, designing, reviewing, or writing?

I love pop culture.  I have worked in a comic book store, I love the comic book world and all things geeky and nerdy.  I am also a nurturer and a nester that loves cooking, straightening up my abode, snuggling down with blankets and books, movies and popcorn.  I garden, walk and cross-stitch. I just learned how to knit, which I adore, and I’m eyeing up crocheting. Somehow, I am an 18th century woman trapped in a feminist’s body.  I can’t figure it out.  You shouldn’t hurt your brain trying to either.

Welcome to my world.  Welcome to LaLa Land.


 A note on affiliate sales and ads on this blog:  as a single mom, I’m trying to make ends meet, every month, in a variety of ways.  I have carefully selected brands that I think align with the look, feel  and subject manner of LaLa Land.  My highest commission is 20% but the average is 10%, through Share a Sale.  In the spirit of honesty and transparency, I have yet to make any money off of my affiliate links.  Additionally, I am an Amazon Affiliate.  If you enjoy reading my blog, please consider using my Amazon Affiliate links.  It is an easy way to give back if you’re already ordering something on Amazon.  Many thanks!


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