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Lara McKusky: Writer, Blogger & Teacher
Lara, thank you so much for the article that you wrote as a followup to our conversation last week, my client loved the title and comparison to the other company in their industry. It was insightful, knowledgeable and really shined light on the pertinent topics that our target demographic wants to know about. Thanks again!  {2011}
Trace Cohen

Account Executive, iFluence PR for Comixology

Let me begin by saying that Ms. Taylor is an excellent writer-her style is sophisticated, her diction is mature, and her command over grammar and mechanics are superb. Her written work demonstrates clear thinking, astute observation, and an ability to engage meaningfully with a variety of different kinds of text. In fact, I have seen many students apply for graduate studies whose written skills have not been nearly so good.  {2000}
Robin Greene

Professor of English and Writing, Methodist University

Hi Lara, Thank you for your article—very well written, and we’re grateful for helping us get the word out about what’s going on in China! Take care. Best, Brian. {2011}
Brian Lee

Executive Director, All Girls Allowed

Lara Taylor was one of the first freelance writers we hired in 2015 at Ray Access ( We relied on her for top-quality blog posts and website pages in the years since. She rarely missed a deadline and always treated us with professional courtesy. Her writing for us and her communication to us have always been top-notch. We would recommend Lara for almost any kind of writing you need, as she’s demonstrated the ability to switch gears from project to project while writing about nearly everything from the medical and financial fields to plumbing and even addiction recovery. That’s versatility.  {2017}
Mark Bloom & Linda Ray

Owners & Editors, Ray Access

Thanks Lara—Great and thoughtful review…reviews [are often] flattering but not thoughtful—I felt you really got what I was trying to say, especially about it being a love story between Maeve and herself. Great insight!
Jules Watson

Author, The Raven Queen

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